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At Megan Auto, we not only perform repairs but also take care of the most important part of the car which is Tires & Wheels. We install OEM Tires & Wheels for all Make\Model cars and specializes in German make cars as we know which Tires is best suited for the car, we deal in all types of Tires such as All Season\Winter Tires. We not only install OEM Tires & Wheels but we also Balance and Rotate them when purchased and installed from Megan Auto, apart from purchase tires are rotated whenever the service requires them to be rotated.

Tires installed at Megan Auto automatically qualify for free Balance & Rotate for the life of the Tire until customers own the vehicle. And to be competitive we will match\beat any competitor Tire pricing to name a few Discount Tire\Mercedes\Toyota etc with a valid quote, and apart from all we provide free Tire Repairs to all our customers. For more details please see our Coupon's Tab.


Our ultimate goal at Megan Auto is customer satisfaction which we earn and sustain.

      Balance & Rotation


Balancing of Wheels and Tires only needed when you feel vibrations at moderate to high (highway) speeds while breaking, and to eliminate the issue our ASE certified Tech checks and balance the tires. Tire rotation which is recommended by most manufacturers to be done at every service or 5000 mile to have even wear of a tire and to get most life out of it.

At Megan Auto each ASE certified tech visually inspects the tires thoroughly and performs repair if needed and correct tire pressures as per manufacture recommendation.

      Tire Repair & Alignment

We at Megan Automotive perform all types of Tire repair services, such as Flat Tire\Nail Puncture\Slow Punture. Alignment is also a major role player for your tires, every 20-25K miles Alignment should be checked to make sure there is no un-even wear and our tech at Megan Auto always check for those un-even wear patterns and recommends if the Alignment is needed.

To get most of the service from the tires, below are the recommendations


  • Correct Tire Pressure

  • Do not over fill the Tires with Air

  • Perform Alignment Checks every 20-25K Miiles

  • Wheel Bearing Replacement if Bad

  • Use OEM wheels only

  • Rotate Every 5000 Miles

      Tires We Sell
  • Continental

  • Michellin

  • BridgeStone

  • Good Year

  • All Other Brand Tires

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