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Repairs & Gurantee

At Megan Auto Works, we Earn and Keep Your Trust. You’ll find that our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority. We guarantee all parts and labor for one year; unlimited miles.

Warranty & Aftermarket Part Disclaimer


                                                                     **OEM Warranty**

We follow the "FACTORY" warranty on OEM Parts and labor. Warranty may be depending on your car manufacturer.

                                                           **Aftermarket Parts Warranty**

We "DO NOT" warranty aftermarket parts supplied by us or the customer. We will advise on your decision to install such parts.



Early diagnosis of any mechanical problem can save you lots of $$$$ in repairs.

These problems includes a vehicle that:. 

1) Refuses to go in gear.

2) Emits a Burning Smell.

3) Makes noise in neutral.

4) Leaks fluid.

5) Signals a Check Engine light.



We specialize in all types of Break repairs on all types of German vehicles including brake flushes, brake pads change and brake rotors replacement with all Original Equipent Manufacturer (OEM) parts. These are genuine manufacturer parts and carry the same warranty as the dealer 1year/12000 miles. The benefit of coming to Megan Auto is that the cost is almost half of dealer price.



We complete all types of Engine repairs, including: changing engines, head gasket replacement, valve cover gasket replacement and all other major engine and transmissions work. We specialize in changing transmission conductors (Valve Body) plates which causes sudden deceleration of transmission and engines.



We at Megan Auto also specializes in fixing all types of electrical problems. Our customers appreciate the discounted prices we provide for for all types of major luxury brands such as BMW/Mercedes and etc, minor repair such as bulb and head light repairs.

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